Transverse Fractures


Structure of the Break:  The fracture is across the bone, at a right angle to the axis of the bone. Depending on what causes the fracture, the two sides of the broken bone may be displaced or pulled away from each other.


Diagnosis:  X-ray and taking in to account how the injury occurred.


Causes: Often the result of a sharp, direct blow, although it can be as result of prolonged pressure (stress fracture).


Treatment:  Possible need for surgery and the immobilization of the fractured area.


Transverse fracture of little finger


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Types of Fractures: Transverse / Oblique / Spiral / Logitudinal / Green Stick / Comminuted / Torus/Buckle / Impacted / Hairline / Compression/Crush / Avulsion




Fig.1 – Courtesy of Mmester, Wikipedia