Comminuted Fractures


Structure of the break: This is a fracture in which the bone breaks in to 3 or more pieces. More often than not the fracture is a compound fracture, with fragments of the bone piercing the skin.



Diagnosis: An X-ray is usually sufficient to diagnose the fracture, along with taking in to account how the injury occurred.



Cause:  In order for the bone to shatter in such a way, a very forceful impact is needed, such as a car crash or severe fall.



Treatment: The comminuted fracture usually requires surgery to re-assemble the fragments of broken bone. The bone will also need to be immobilised, allowing time for the bone to heal.


Comminuted Fracture X-Ray Pre and Post Surgery



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Types of Fractures: Transverse / Oblique / Spiral / Logitudinal / Green Stick / Comminuted / Torus/Buckle / Impacted / Hairline / Compression/Crush / Avulsion






Fig.1 – Courtesy of Sjbrown, Wikipedia